Staycell ONE STEP® Intumescent Spray Foam Systems

All-foam alternatives to 15-minute intumescent paint thermal barriers

Proven • Tested • Safe

Our rigorously tested Staycell ONE STEP® Systems are 3rd party listed & certified for quality and consistency.

performance you can trust where it matters the most

Customizable solutions to meet the demands of today’s standards and performance specifications.

The Smart Choice for Superior Thermal Barrier Performance

Staycell ONE STEP® Systems patented technology combines high performance, closed-cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (ccSPF) with built-in intumescent thermal barrier. The International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) mandates that SPF be separated from the interior of the building by a 15-minute thermal barrier or qualify as an Alternative Thermal Barrier Assembly (ICC 1100-2018) based upon passing the NFPA 286, UL 1715, UL 1040 or FM 4880 fire test standards. Staycell ONE STEP® Systems offer superior fire-resistance and pass the UL 1715 fire test standard exposed without the use of intumescent or cementitious thermal barrier coatings – a major advancement that saves valuable time and money, while improving performance & safety. All fire testing was performed by IAS Accredited Testing Agencies and comply with the requirements of the 2012, 2015 and 2018 IBC and IRC. Staycell ONE STEP® Systems are 3rd party inspected for quality and consistency.

Which Staycell ONE STEP® System is right for your next project?

Both systems consist of high-performance, closed-cell SPF.  System selection depends upon required  R-value/SPF thickness, permeability and degree of installation difficulty (ex. high in the air, tight/inaccessible cavities, etc.)

A System For Each Application



Here are a few reasons why I do business with Preferred Solutions, Inc. (PSI): Innovative, high-quality materials — ONE STEP® eliminated the problems I was having with intumescent paint thermal barriers and is now my go to product.  Experience – PSI’s 30+ yr history in manufacturing, contracting and building science makes it an ideal partner for success.  Service – If there are any technical questions or issues with an architect or code official, I can get a PSI representative on the phone quickly to find a resolution.

Jim Fedor – Compass Insulation & Specialty Coatings, Inc.

The Staycell ONE STEP® Performance Advantage

Save up to 40% vs. standard ccSPF covered with intumescent paint thermal barrier

Superior fire resistance – passes UL 1715 large-scale fire test without spray-on thermal barrier, improving performance & safety

Listed and certified by QAI Laboratories (QAI Listing Report No. B1020-1)

ONE STEP® manufacturing facilities are 3rd party inspected for quality control

Won’t peel or flake – suitable for installation in high humidity environments and unconditioned spaces without primers or topcoats

Broad installation range – apply between 10°F – 120°F and up to 85% RH without supplemental heating or dehumidification

Improved fire safety during construction – protects against accidental fires caused by welding sparks and cutting torches

Redundant fire safety after construction. Where gypsum board is installed over the SPF as the interior finish, ONE STEP® protects against fires caused by electrical shorts or maintenance activities occurring behind the drywall.

Meets strict VOC and AQMD emission requirements – no formaldehyde or ozone-depleting materials

Contributes to LEED-rated building certification