Asbestos and Lead Paint Encasement Systems

Stayflex® Asbestos & Lead Paint Encasement Systems

Innovative alternatives to removal for all types, forms and thickness of asbestos & lead containing materials.


What do the experts say?

To summarize remarks made by William K. Reilly, former Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “it is clear to me that a considerable gap has opened between what the EPA has been trying to say and what the public has been hearing. EPA has been trying to emphasize managing asbestos and lead paint in place rather than unnecessary removal. We’ve stressed that approach because unnecessary removal may actually pose a greater health risk than simply leaving it alone, so long as the materials are undisturbed and unlikely to be disturbed. As is true with any hazardous substance, mere presence poses no risk to human health; only when it’s released into the air and breathed into the lungs does it become a health risk.”

Metal flooring & roof decking
Structural Steel
Miscellaneous steel & masonry surfaces
Elevator shafts
Storage tanks & boilers
Ductwork & piping