south st. paul secondary school

System: Staycell® HYBRID Intumescent Spray Foam Insulation System
Application: Underside Standing Seam Metal Roof
Location: St. Paul, MN
Project Size: 26,000 square feet


The Packer Hall Gymnasium renovation was part of a campus-wide energy efficiency initiative to improve building performance and reduce energy consumption. The most significant problem with the building related to student safety caused by condensation dripping from the roof structure onto the gymnasium floor. The standing seam metal roof deck was originally insulated with R-30 vinyl-faced fiberglass blanket. Over time the fiberglass lost most of its thermal efficiency from saturation caused by condensation trapped between the metal deck and the insulation’s vinyl facer. At the purlins condensation resulted from compression of the fiberglass (resulting in low R-value) between the roof deck and purlin. The application consisted of fiberglass removal and replacement with the R-30 Staycell® HYBRID System, which consists of 4” Staycell® 265 covered with 1/2” Staycell ONE STEP® 255 intumescent spray foam insulation. Finally, the system was top coated white with Sherwin Williams “Fast-Clad” acrylic latex paint. The HYBRID System was chosen because it was more cost-effective than a standard foam and intumescent coating system.


 Provides superior R-value compared to other traditional materials such as fiberglass
 Creates seamless air barrier that eliminates energy loss through air leakage
 Strengthens roofs and walls, increasing structural integrity
 Provides vapor retarder that controls moisture problems
 Environmentally friendly, containing no ozone depleting materials
 Installed by PSI certified Authorized Applicators